Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I had the day off Monday, the man of the house had to work which meant I would be home alone for a full day. WooHoo! I made plans...of course I would do laundry since my work week still lay ahead, but my main plan was to sit at my computer and write. I would get sooo much done with all that peace and quiet, right? Wrong! I tried working on a short story about a ghost who seeks out the love he lost when he died.

My idea for my ghost was a good ol' Southern boy, he wanted to be British. I won that battle, for now anyway. Then I had problems tying the ghost to the town I had set the story in and could not get an easy flow of ideas. Time was ticking, my day was sliding away from me and I couldn't find the tie I needed.

Finally I decided to give it a rest and gave up. My day was gone and I hadn't written more than a few hundred words. What a waste. Now I had to focus on work so I went to sleep and before I knew it, the clock sounded the get up song. Of course I hung in as long as I could and just before I pulled my butt out of bed to start my day...it hit me...like a ton of brick...the perfect explanation for the ghost to contact his love so far from their home town.

Did I mention I had hit the snooze button more than a few times? Yeah, now I only had time to jot down a couple of notes and head to work. Oh well, maybe I'll be able to grab a minute here and there this week and get this story written. Hmm, here I go making plans again.

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