Sunday, July 15, 2018

Let's Celebrate!

The month of July is moving right along. Are you staying cool?

July 15 - National Ice Cream Day! I'll have chocolate please!

July 16 - National Corn Fritter Day!

July 17 - National Peach Ice Cream Day! Now that say summer time!

July 18 - National Sour Candy Day! Okay, y'all enjoy this day all by yourselves. Not a fan of sour candy:(

July 19 - National Daiquiri Day! Peach? Strawberry? Banana?

July 20 - National Lollipop Day!

July 21 - National Junk Food Day! 


Monday, July 9, 2018

A Hot #SummerRead by Brenda Sparks for the Paranormal Romance Reader

Get ready for an awesome read! Alpha Pair by Brenda Sparks will be released on July 30 and is available for pre-order on Amazon now! 


Book Blurb:
Demetri commands every situation. A strong, valiant warrior he’s used to being in control, that is until he is kidnapped by demons. Forced to endure unspeakable experiments at the hands of his enemy, the Alpha discovers just how out of control life can get.
Summoned by the Alpha Council, Tatiana grudgingly helps track Demetri down, promising herself that she will disappear from his life forever once the job is done. But matters of the heart are not so easily ignored. Will she give him a chance to prove himself, or will she deny her nature and slip away into the night?

Buy Links:

Book Excerpt:
The Alpha swung a leg over the motorcycle and tugged on his helmet. “You coming anytime this century, woman?”
Tatiana pulled her helmet down over her dark hair, the blunt ends sticking out from under it like twigs in a nest.
“Hold your horses, Romanoff.” She straddled her bike.
Demetri shifted the bike from its stand and rousted the thing with a kick of his booted heel. He gunned the throttle. “My horses want to go,” he called over the roar of the sports bike.
The howl of her engine made further conversation impossible when she revved the machine.
They tore off down the gravel drive, the bikes fishtailing. Bits of gravel spit out behind them. Demetri gunned his engine and took the lead. He flashed her a brilliant smile when he passed, making it almost worth being second place. But not quite.
As they rounded out of the gated fence onto the road, Tatiana cut under him to regain the lead.
He shook his head. Life will never be dull with you, tigress warrior. You are a fierce competitor, but then so am I.

Author Bio:

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Twitter Handle: @brenda_sparks

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Let's Celebrate!

I hope your Independence celebration was a blast! Here are a few reasons to celebrate this week!

July 08 - National Chocolate with Almonds Day!

July 09 - National Sugar Cookie Day! I'll take mine with sprinkles please!

July 10 - National Pina Colada Day!

July 11 - National Mojito Day!

July 12 - National Eat Your Jell-o Day!

July 13 - National Beans and Franks Day!

July 14- National Mac and Cheese Day! I have a certain grandson who celebrates this day every day!!

Have fun!

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Let’s Celebrate!

It’s time to kick off the month of July with some other reasons to celebrate!

July 1 National Postal Workers Day! I happen to be close to couple of postal workers and know for sure, they deserve a day to celebrate!

July 2 National Anisette Day! Anisette is a Mediterranean liqueur made from Anise. I’m not a big fan of licorice but . . .

July 3 National Eat Your Beans Day! Okay, let’s be careful out there!

July 4 Independance Day!

July 5 National Apple Turnover Day! Yum!,

July 6 National Fried Chicken Day!

July 7 National Macaroni Day! The possibilities for macaroni are endless!

Pick a day and enjoy! Heck, let’s celebrate everyday!

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Let’s Celebrate!

The celebrations continue with a new list this week!

June 24...National Pralines Day!

June 25...National Catfish Day! How do you like your fish? Fried, broiled, blackened, grilled?

June 26...National Chocolate Pudding Day!

June 27...National Sunglasses Day!

June 28...National Paul Bunyan Day!

June 29...National Waffle Iron Day!

June 30...National Social Media! Isn’t that every day?

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Let’s Celebrate!

Let the celebrating continue!

June 17...National Eat Your Vegetables Day!

June 18...National Splurge Day!

June 19...National Garfield The Cat Day! Do you know anyone who owns a Garfield?

June 20...National Vanilla Milkshake Day!

June 21...National Peaches and Cream Day!

June 22...National Onion Ring Day!

June 23...National Pink Day!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Let’s Celebrate!

It’s the small celebrations in life that make everyday life fun.

June 10...National Iced Tea Day!

June 11...National German Chocolate Cake Day! One of my personal favorites ;)

June 12...National Red Rose Day! Show me some roses in the comments.

June 13...National Weed Your Garden Day!

June 14...National Strawberry Shortcake Day!

June 15...National Smile Power Day! Go ahead. It makes ‘me wonder what you’ ve got up your sleeve.

June 16...National Fudge Day! Now that makes me smile!!