Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dreams do come true.

About three years ago I got inspired to do something I had thought about from time to time since my first try in high school but never really did anything about. I started writing a book. Why hadn't I started before then? I always thought it would be fun to bring characters to life and weave their adventures on paper (that's how long I had been thinking about it...since a time when one would write it down...on paper). But what would I write about? That was always my big question. Let's see...wife, mother of two daughters, school, homework, chores, college two to four nights a I led such an exciting life, everyone would want to hear about those adventures. Not. So, once again, the dream went on the back burner.

I started reading with a passion again in about 2006, fell in love with romance all over again and the struggles facing a couple trying to make a life together.

On June 12, 2009, and yes, I remember the exact day, I was sitting at my desk at my 9 to 5 when the idea hit a bolt of lightening. I wasn't sure how far I'd actually go with it since I have other projects, crafts and such that I went into full force but for one reason or another they too slid to the back burner never to be completed. But that night, I pulled the tray with my laptop onto my lap and started to write.

A story of a couple who were separated early in their relationship. Layne Brady was killed in an accident on his way home after a night out with the love of his life, Lynzi Lancaster. Since Lynzi had not at that time met Layne's family, they had no idea she existed and didn't know to contact her about Layne's death or his funeral. Lynzi just never heard from Layne again. She was devastated and worried for months over what she had done to deserve such rude treatment. Life must go on she finally realized and she married when an old boyfriend came back into her life. Try as she might though, love just wasn't enough to make him happy. After twenty years of trying, she filed for divorce.

She survived again, life was good, she worked and dreamed of what might have been to the point she decided to contact Layne to see how his life had turned out. She spoke with his mother and found out the real reason he had not called again after their last date...he had died.

She moved on again with her, friends, not much else except what might have been until one Monday morning when her life began to change. A series of life threatening events in the form of a near hit and run, being held at gunpoint during a robbery attempt, and finding a poisonous snake under her couch all in one week was almost too much for her to grasp. She survived those three incidents in one short week to the credit of her guardian angel who had watched over her all these years.

He revealed himself to her on Saturday morning with the shocking revelation that his death had been faked twenty years earlier. None other than Layne Brady himself, in the flesh. Being able to finally come to her was a dream he had dreamed for all those years. Now he could reveal all his secrets and pray she would understand. Layne was not the person she remembered...exactly. He was still Layne Brady, but could he convince her to accept the facts of his true heritage? That he was born in another world and raised in hers? That he was Fae. A magical being she only knew to exist in children's fairy tales? That he had been forced to keep her a secret from his mad, murderous cousin who wanted to rule his world, all in an effort to keep her safe?

Lynzi does accept Layne for what he is and together, they set out to rid the world of his evil cousin in order for them to have the life together they both want. Then the adventures begin, kidnappings, sword fights and magic, oh my!

So there it is...surprise of surprises...I finished it. Now to find a home for it which may take a bit for me to learn the next steps towards publication. But at least I can visit my magical world of the Fae when I need to get away and with the satisfaction that I did finish what I started.

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