Monday, July 20, 2020

Heiress to the Flame is now available for pre-order!

My latest novel, "Heiress to the Flame" is now available for pre-order! The official release date is September 23, 2020, and I can barely contain my excitement.

The main character, Roxie, first appeared in "Rescued," and now she's here to tell her story and find her happy ending.

Roxie Sanders has dodged a few dangerous situations dating back to her teen years. After being rescued from certain death, she becomes a private investigator as a way of helping others and paying her blessings forward.

Nelson Crawford, part of the PI team who helps her escape a harmful situation, serves as her role model. The two form an immediate bond partnering on many cases and along the way, a flicker of attraction ignites between them, refusing to be snuffed out no matter how hard Roxie tries.

Shadows from Roxie’s past pop up to haunt her and when a case involving a kidnapped child takes them to the place where all her troubles began, her hometown of Osyka, Mississippi, she finds that trouble waiting for her. When Nelson is kidnapped, Roxie can no longer deny her feelings for the man and will stop at nothing to gain his freedom, even awakening the power of the flame sleeping within her.

Will her efforts pay off or will her dreams go up in smoke?
"Heiress to the Flame" is available for Kindle and compatible devices starting September 23. You can pre-order now from this link.

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