Saturday, November 12, 2016

Turkey Options

What's your favorite turkey recipe? Do you inject the bird with butter and spices before you bake? Do you fry? Roast? Smoke? So many options for the star of the Thanksgiving table.

Everyone looks for a beautiful, golden brown, picture perfect turkey to grace the table but how many times have we been less than thrilled with the taste?

I must say after some hit or miss holidays, we found a couple of favorites we continue to use. One year I mixed a brine and soaked my bird overnight before shoving him into the oven the next morning which made for one delicious turkey. The slices were so juicy and flavorful, I was given the task of preparing the Christmas main dish as well.

Turkey success #2 happened with my sister and brother in law cooked the turkey in an oil-less fryer with identical results...juicy tender turkey from heaven. The prep in this case was an injection of butter and spices prior to cooking.

My favorite? The one I didn't have to cook:) Guess who gets my vote for turkey duty again this year?

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