Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thursday's Tasty Temptations

Continuing our tally of food references in my first book, In My Wildest Dreams, the family doesn't sit together for another meal until chapter 18.

Sub sandwiches and sweet tea.

In our room, Layne leaned against the door staring up at the ceiling. He blew out a long breath and hung his head.

I circled his waist with my arms. “I’m so sorry, Layne.”

“Me, too. Stony was good hearted. He never hurt anything in his long, long life. And now he’s gone . . . just gone.”

We changed and went downstairs to eat an early supper.

Lake and Woods had already started making sub sandwiches from the trays of fixings Olive had set out. They had changed into their camo clothing, ready for instructions from Layne on the upcoming mission everyone anticipated. I had a knot in the pit of my stomach knowing Layne was leaving on another hunt that meant we would be separated again.

“Layne, we think we got a solid lead and would like to go ahead now,” Lake said between bites.

Quieter than I had ever seen him, Layne had a most solemn countenance. Fully aware he was worried about my safety, I hated being a burden and wanted to help even if the best way to do so was to stay put here or go into hiding someplace unknown.

After some thought, Layne took a long drink of sweet tea and reached for a slice of ham. He sucked in a determined breath. “Lake, get two teams ready to roll out in an hour. Make sure my gear is included. Extra provisions. No way to tell how long this will take,” Layne said.

“I’ve already given the orders. The teams are suiting up now and the gear is packed for an extended mission,” Lake said with determination. A brotherly bond had obviously formed long ago between the two and they thought along the same lines. A sense of relief washed over me that Layne had someone to totally depend on. Layne and Lake looked out for each other and would come home safe. I had to keep telling myself this. I had to believe this.
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  1. No need for Subway! I want one of those up there! Pllleeeaase! That would be about 3 days worth for me!

  2. That's just the way ravenous Fae guards eat! It does look filling, doesn't it? :)


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