Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Thursday's Tasty Temptations

"Mama, your books always make me hungry!"

That was the comment that got me wondering just how many food references there are in one of my books. I decided a few months back to take one book, go through it chapter by chapter, and tally the number of times my characters sit down to a meal.

Here's chapter nine with a little excerpt:
I awoke with a start. The sun shining through the windows confirmed I had slept several hours at least.

Again I dreamed, but this time Layne wasn’t the author. Did this dream mean something or was I reacting to the sense of unease surrounding me because of Layne’s absence? I needed to be filled in on the latest word on Layne and his team so I took a quick shower, dried my hair and applied moisturizer and mascara from the vanity. Hmm…all my brands…what were the chances?

I found a drawer of panties and bras, another one full of jeans, and a third containing t-shirts. Amazed, I found they all fit perfectly. Had he guessed my sizes?

I spread the covers back over the side of the bed I slept on and found a pair of lightweight socks. I tied up the laces of a pair of white canvas shoes when a knock came at the door. Layne? I rushed over and opened the door to find Woods.

“Oh, hey Woods, is everything okay?” The broad smile faded from my face. I didn’t sound gracious and I didn’t manage to hide my disappointment to find Woods at the door and not my Layne.

“Yes ma’am. I’m supposed to tell you breakfast is ready.”  His face remained pretty much expressionless.

“Thanks, I’m just on my way out,” I said pulling the door closed behind me.

Woods stepped aside and followed me down the stairs to the kitchen.

“Good morning dear! Did you sleep well?” Layne’s mama greeted me from the stove as she dished up scrambled eggs into a large serving bowl.

“Good morning. Yes, thank you. I hope I didn’t keep you all waiting. I should have come down sooner to help.”

“Oh no dear, we’re just getting done. When it comes to the kitchen, Olive has everything well under control. She barely allows me to help,” she said as she waved her hand indicating the petite woman carrying a tray of link sausages stacked like a woodpile. “Good morning,” I said to Olive, “and thank you for all this food. It looks wonderful.”

“It’s my pleasure ma’am,” she said with a little chuckle and a wide grin.

Four different guards stood in place this morning. First shift I guessed. They helped themselves to a plate of food from the counter and went back to their posts while Layne’s parents and I settled at the table.

“Any progress reports since last night?” I asked as I poured the coffee.

So, here we are with yet another breakfast. I'm making myself hungry :)

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