Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Thursday's Tasty Temptations

I scanned chapter three of IMWD for any mention of food to talk about today. Lo and behold, dark chocolate! Dark chocolate M&M's to be exact. What's not to love?

So we're three for three on our search for food in In My Wildest Dreams. I'm curious about the total.

Here's the excerpt with one of Lynzi's dreams about finding Layne.

Tuesday morning? A no go as far as going to work since I was unable to walk any faster than at a snail’s pace. Every muscle in my body screamed with pain at the slightest movement. I must have jarred my spine worse than I thought when I collided with the sidewalk.

I’d only received three calls from Allison to check up on me and offer to bring me food, first-aid supplies, or the first-aid product to beat all first-aid products . . . chocolate. “I could bring some dark chocolate M&Ms? Your favorite,” she sang out in a tempting tone.

I considered my hips and waistline, thanked her kindly, and convinced her I had everything I needed.

For the rest of the day, I alternated between my chair and the bed for short periods to avoid getting stiff.


I found myself in my peaceful place again but not at the pond. I stood at the door of the barn, peering inside, into the vast darkness.

I scanned the areas to my right and left, taking a survey of all the animals. Animals always made good judges of situations. They would instinctively become agitated if any danger approached. Yet, they remained calm, going about their business eating, scratching the ground, sunning in the dirt near the edge of the barn. Comfortable with their surroundings, nothing alarmed them.

I had to go inside again. Some force compelled me, drew me into the barn. If I opened a window, I’d be able to glimpse deeper into the barn. Get some idea of what lay hidden farther inside.

I had to see the man again. I had to see Layne. Why didn’t he show himself to me? Maybe he avoided me because he didn’t want to talk to me. Was I setting myself up for more hurt? Layne had left me without any explanation all those years ago. Later, a failed marriage had left me alone again. That’s great, I thought, now men are avoiding me in my dreams. You’re a real winner, Lynzi Lancaster.

The old feelings of rejection and disappointment started to creep into my mind. Maybe I should just go and leave well enough alone. The hurt from all the neglect had healed, more or less. At least I had learned to live with it. So why open those old wounds again? But, go where? I had no idea how I got here so I couldn’t possibly know how to leave. No! I thought, I’m here. He’s here . . . somewhere, and I’m going inside.

Time and life experiences had made me strong, at least that’s what I kept telling myself. After all, as the saying goes, ‘That which does not kill us only makes us stronger.’ So there you go. Either I would be strong or . . . dead. How . . . comforting.

With that encouraging thought, I eased my way toward the first stall, both hands outstretched, and touched the corner post of the stall. I groped my hands along the top rail to the stall door, found the latch, opened it, and stepped inside.

I detected no sounds and sensed no occupant in the stall. With my back to the railing, I sidestepped my way to the right, inching along the sides of the stall until I reached the far wall.

I slid my hands over the wall. Please . . . no spiders, no spiders, no spiders. I located the bolt on the window and slid it open. Giving the heavy, slatted covering a shove, the window swung open.

Ah ha! Light. Now let’s get an idea of what we have here.

I stepped outside the stall and into the center of the massive structure, surveyed the area to find any clues held in the barn, and if those clues would lead to Layne and the answers I was so desperate to find.

It was still so dark I couldn’t get past that third stall on either side. I had taken a couple of steps toward the next stall when footsteps deep in the vast barn stopped me in my tracks.

Fear gripped me. “Hello?” I called out. No answer. “Hey? Anybody there?” Still, no response. A cold chill washed over me and the desire to be out in the sunlight overcame me. I hurried outside.

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