Sunday, November 29, 2015

Doctor Who LaB, Episode 15: Heaven Sent

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The Doctor is all alone. Well, he does have his worst fears and his nightmares and regrets with him. Some comfort.

With Clara gone -- but still in his memory -- he finds himself facing the most difficult challenge of his entire existence.


"The Shepherd Boy" by the Brothers Grimm

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  1. Dave Knucles ( knuckle)December 4, 2015 at 5:47 PM

    I watch via plex plugins so seldom do I have to wait.That said,it is tragic when a companion dies ... Clara more so than Adric because of the change in relationship we saw with Clara and the Doctor's regeneration. Basil gets brownie points if he can remember the first companion to die in the series. How many times would the Doctor have to die to fill the sea with skulls? Also if this takes place "inside" the Doctor's confession it could very well be set up by the Doctor himself. The prophesy did not name the Daleks by name but described a warrior race who believe themselves superior and who look to conquer all they survey ... The Time Lords assumed this was the Daleks because they were not as intimately involved with Humanity as a certain member of their caste who prefers his type 40 time capsule to resemble a 1960s Police Box

  2. Thanks Dave! Basil loves brownie points and knowing him as well as I do, my money's on him. Answer to your question to follow! Have a great weekend!

  3. First companion to die? Easy. Katarina. We actually talked about her and Sara Kingdom (who died in the same serial, "The Daleks' Master Plan") in the previous podcast.

    Larynn hasn't seen "The Daleks' Master Plan" yet, although I have. Well, technically, I've seen the four complete episodes, plus the reconstructions (with full audio) of stills and clips from the other episodes.

    (If you haven't see the reconstructions, they can be a slog to get through at times. But, if you are interested, let me know. I'm trying to convince Larynn to do a podcast on how to get access to the unofficial reconstructions, but she's not sure there's much interest.)

    It'll be a few months before she watches that one, unless she decides to jump ahead. We're looking at staying on the one story a week schedule after this season ends, but "The Daleks' Master Plan" isn't until the third season, Hartnell's last full season.

    About the Hybrid, I'm wondering if they're going to have him be half human, which would fit with the story from "Doctor Who: The Movie." I don't really want that. I'd rather that it be explained away as his mother having visited Earth and her love for humans caused her to tell him stories of the planet. That would explain his hanging around Earth so much -- apart from budgetary reasons.

    Still, I'm kinda leaning towards it being "The Hybrid is Me" instead of "The Hybrid is me" -- meaning Ashildr, who took the name "Me" over her long life.

    Oh, and your point about the Doctor himself being behind it all? The more I think about it the more I think you're right. We'll find out tonight!

  4. Dave Knuckles ( knuckle)December 5, 2015 at 3:55 AM

    Basil wrote
    Still, I’m kinda leaning towards it being “The Hybrid is Me” instead of “The Hybrid is me” — meaning Ashildr, who took the name “Me” over her long life.
    interesting and plausible ... in " Before the Flood" Moffat goes to great lengths to bring boot strap paradoxes to the fore front ... if Ashildr does turn out to be the hybrid I would imagine that there is more to the prophesy than what Davros and the Time Lords thought

    One more thing ... and this is a stretch but something that has stuck in my mind Missy mentions the Doctor giving her a gift at the birth of her daughter .. or his daughter depending .. this is important and am wondering if this will be resolved/revisited in the finale --- since learning this tid bit I wonder if Susan could be this daughter


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