Friday, June 12, 2015

TRR Sizzling Summer Party Game

Here's an excerpt from Dreams Do Come True containing the answer to the multiple choice question in TRR's Sizzling Summer Party!

Cubed steak, gravy, scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese, and biscuits for six was a faster fix in the mornings being about half as many mouths to feed. I poured another round of coffee as Aunt Pet appeared in her seat, hand basket in tow.

"Please tell us you've found everything we need to get rid us of this latest plague," Layne said as soon as Daddy finished asking blessings on our breakfast and the new situation we now faced.

"Good morning to you also, my darling." She smiled as she fumbled inside her basket, brought out a small green glass bottle, and placed it on the table in front of her.

"Sorry, Aunt Pet. Good morning. How are you?" Layne leaned over, placed a sweet kiss on her cheek, and stroked her hair. He was sincere with his greeting, just a bit late, and slightly embarrassed he had to be prompted.

"An empty bottle? Shouldn't it be full of some sort of, witch repellant, Pet?" Daddy asked as he reached for another biscuit.

"Not empty for long. We must collect a few items for the bottle to activate the collection spell and wait for the witch to appear. The ingredients will draw the evil one inside. Once she is trapped, the bottle will be corked, and tossed into a fire. It will explode and take the witch with it so she can no longer perform her evil magic." She appeared confident and quite pleased with herself. I hoped the plan would work. It sounded simple enough, maybe too simple. I took my bottom lip between my teeth and held my breath for the catch.

Layne pressed for the details. "Throwing a bottle into a fire and waiting for it to explode is easy. We're pretty sure the witch will be back to mess with Boone's dreams again tonight. I'm positive you can handle casting the spell." He paused and drew in a deep breath. "Now, for the items we need to, collect. I have my doubts as to how easy that part is going to be."

"I never said easy, my darling. What we need is some wine, fresh rosemary sprigs, sharp pins and needles to capture the evil, and a personal item from the witch. Hair or trimmings from her nails will be sufficient."

And there it was. The catch.

"I have plenty of straight pins I use when I'm quilting, there's a healthy patch of rosemary in my herb garden, and several bottles of your rosebud wine in the pantry. Now heaven knows, I'd like to snatch that trouble-making witch bald for what she did last night, but I don't think she's going to knock on our door and introduce herself." Mama made the obvious point. "How in the world do we get some of her hair or, for heaven's sake, collect her nail trimmings?" The question we all needed answered.

Good luck and have fun!

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