Monday, May 25, 2015

TimeGate 2015

I'm back from TimeGate 2015 in Atlanta. TimeGate is a mostly Dr. Who convention with a sprinkling of other SciFi/Fantasy TV shows, comic books, and authors.

I attended and enjoyed several of the Q&A's. Two actors from the Dr. Who series were present and wowed fans with several appearances. Both Katy Manning and Michelle Gomez were entertaining but what impressed me was seeing them more than once in the hotel lobby or the restaurant chatting with fans, posing for pictures, or signing autographs.

Another Q&A I found interesting featured the prop artist for the series. Here is Nick Robatto, owner of RubberToe Replicas in his workshop creating a prop for the show. What an interesting job! The host for the session browsed the company's FaceBook page ( as Nick commented on the various props he had created over the years.

An entire section on the conference area was dedicated to vendors. A shoppers dream! Nick had various items on display for sale as did other vendors including t-shirts, jewelry, books, and other trinkets.

What do you think I came home with? A sonic screwdriver? A miniature TARDIS? A Dalek complete with lights sounds?


A slightly different vendor caught my eye. I wanted to bring a little something for the children and grandchildren so I visited A Taste of Britain.

Cookies, candies, and soft drinks. Let the party begin!

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