Thursday, September 4, 2014

Ryan Jo Summers' new release: Shimmers of Stardust

A few weeks ago, Ms. Summers invited me to make an appearance on her blog and now I am welcoming her to my place to sit a spell. The fact she's brought along an enticing book cover is a plus. I can almost hear the tinkling sounds and feel the tingle of the magic.

Time travel. Haven't we all wished we could travel back in time to correct a mistake or say something we should have said? Check out the excerpt and see how Logan and McKenzie meet.


Civil War hero turned renegade, Logan Riley, is hanged by the law in 1869. His story should have ended there. Except Anthropologist Dr. McKenzie Lynne is hired by a team of physicists, protected by the military, to find a missing link to their time travel theories. She finds Logan, in the back on a cave, buried in glittering gold dust, very much alive and very handsome.

Taking him back to the base camp, she learns what they really want him for. Horrified, she reacts, grabbing his hand and making a run for it.

Now pursued by the military and the obsessed physicists who will stop at nothing to get their living treasure back, and to teach her a lesson, Kenzie and Logan must fight to stay alive and stay hidden. Covering distances in the deserts and mountains of New Mexico and Arizona, each moment is a challenge to stay alive and stay safe.

Meanwhile. Kenzie's strong Christian faith works on Logan's bad-boy heart, convicting him of his lawless past. With Kenzie's help, he tries to allow the grace of God into his life while fighting to preserve both of theirs. Staying free means a lifetime on the run, but getting captured means a lot worse.

Undeniable affections bloom between them as tense moments turn into longer periods of growing love. Can their newly formed love survive the coming showdown between the military closing in, Kenzie's Christian morals and Logan's nineteenth century code of justice?


“I might be wrong about this, but aren't you supposed to be staying between them white lines?” His voice, light and teasing, drew Kenzie back from the edge of sleep.

Righting the wheel, she covered a yawn, sliding him a tired glare. “Tough talk coming from someone who doesn't know how to drive.”

He tried to look insulted, but the look didn't quite come off.

“What makes you think I can't? I can drive a six-hitch team. That's a heap of horsepower. I even one time drove an eight mule freight wagon. That's a heap more power. How much harder can this be?”

Six horses? Eight mules? Really? Suddenly curiosity overrode her fatigue and she slowed the SUV down, pulling off to the shoulder. “You are about to find out,” she promised. “Logan, it's time you learned how to drive a car.”

Jumping down, she moved around to the passenger's side, climbing back in. He slid over to her vacated driver's side, hands going to the wheel, apprehensive smile on his face.

“Okay, now this is your gas pedal, it makes the car go. And that's your brake, it makes it stop. You press them down with your right foot. Only one at a time though.”

Leaning close, she pointed out the various gauges on the dash, the turn signal and the headlights. “Now this is the shifter,” she said, moving his hand to the knob. “It is used to control the different gears like park, reverse and drive....” Her voice trailed off as she looked into his eyes, held by the light shining from within, transfixed.

Sleepiness driven away, it was replaced with electricity as her hand held his to the knob and his eyes held hers. Her lips parted. Was he going to kiss her? Darn her, but she wanted him to. Truthfully, she yearned for him to. She ran her tongue over her lips, remembering his taste from before.

He leaned closer, his smile bright in the growing darkness

around them. She could smell the ever-present coffee on his breath. He was never far from his last cup of coffee, she thought whimsically.

A car sped by, shaking her. Pulling her gaze from his, she followed the car's wake. It reminded her what they were doing out here on the New Mexico desert highway at this hour.

“We need to make some distance tonight,” she said, looking back at Logan, disappointment ringing in her ears.

“Reckon so,” he slowly drawled, glancing down to where her hand still held his on the knob. “So what does this stick do again?”


Ryan Jo Summers is a lover of words and stories. Her earliest memories are of books and the characters coming to life. She took to writing thinking it was a natural thing all book readers did. It wasn't until her early teens she made the move to think of publication. She enjoyed small successes with free lance work and short stories. It wasn't until 2013 she sold her first novel. After that, she tore up the return ticket of the author-train, deciding this ride was only going one way---forward.

Today she lives in the mountains of North Carolina with a menagerie of pets. Outside of writing, she enjoys cooking, travel, friends, houseplants, digging in the dirt and escaping to the National Forests near her home. She likes word-find puzzles and baking and painting everything from ceramics to canvas to cartoons. She writes poetry for the therapy it offers.

Shimmers of Stardust is her second novel. A third, When Clouds Gather, is set to be released this winter by Soul Mate Publishing as well.


Thanks for stopping by Ryan Jo! I'm stalking until I get my copy!


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