Sunday, November 3, 2013

Southern Magic Romance Reader's Luncheon

Everyone had a grand time at the luncheon yesterday. There were smiles on every face in the room. I was fortunate to be sitting with several wonderful writers who shared some of their publishing ideas. Believe me ladies, I made notes;)

This is the author basket I contributed and a picture of our speaker, Jeaniene Frost!


  1. glad it was superb and wish I'd been there

  2. There's always next year for the luncheon but we gotta get together soon!!!

  3. […] lot of other people have better pictures than I do and their own stories to tempt you too. Like Larynn Ford, Librarian JuJu, M.V. Freeman, Shiloh Walker, Julie Johnstone, Mina Khan, the amazing keynote […]


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