Thursday, July 25, 2013

Free on Amazon!

Who doesn't love free? And when it's a book that warms your heart with a story of a couple who are reunited after an extended time apart, that makes it all the better. In My Wildest Dreams will be free on Amazon July 26 and 27 in ebook form.

Lynzi and Layne are a young couple who have dreams of a future together. Those dreams are crushed when Layne disappears from Lynzi's life without a word. Like any strong woman, she moves on. Not that she has it easy. Life is . . . life. It has its ups and downs.

She discovers years later that Layne had died in an accident of which she was completely unaware. Another fact of life to deal with, but when Lynzi's life is threatened several times in the span of a week, her world takes on a magical twist as well.

Here's a sample.
My pulse went into overdrive and my chest squeezed tight, making it difficult to draw a breath. He gave a slight movement of his hand to bring our attention to the danger in his grip.

The man came to a halt at my side. “Give me your wallets and be real quiet about it, ladies. Don’t make any stupid moves and everybody will be good.” He had the gall to offer a toothy smile as he spoke.

He stepped closer, grasping the nape of my neck with his hand, and jamming the barrel of the gun into my side. I sucked in a frightened breath and tried to free myself from his hold.

Allison gasped and took a step away.

He gritted out a second warning. “Be still, Blondie, or I will shoot her.”

Just then, Ben came out of our building, bounding down the steps, cell phone in hand, and realized what was happening. “Hey! Hey you!” he shouted as he sprinted toward us.

The gunman glanced toward the sound of Ben’s voice. In that split second, my arm shot up to meet his nose with the heel of my hand.


He dropped to the sidewalk holding his nose with both hands. “You bitch! You broke my nose!” he whined through hands cupped over his nose and mouth.

The point of impact sent his gun skidding across the sidewalk and coming to rest against the side of the building. By the time he hit the ground, Allison had grabbed the pepper spray from her purse and taken aim at the whimpering robber.
Lynzi finds out a few days later that she'd had some magical assistance in downing the would be robber. Can she adjust to her new life?

It's free to find out. Enjoy!

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